Let's Pay it Forward Together

When you experience great success, I believe it comes with even greater responsibility. My companies and I are committed to leaving a legacy that makes a positive difference in the world through contribution and philanthropy. Each for profit product and training we offer is tied to a non-profit initiative.

When you invest in your success through Social Media Made Me Rich, our digital products, and coaching programs, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping support mentors for disadvantaged children, entrepreneurs in developing nations, public health improvement, wounded warriors, and much more.

Here are our current partners

Virgin Unite


Operation Underground Railroad

Pencils of Promise

Usher’s New Look

Australian Spinal Research Foundation

Wounded Warriors Project

Habitat for Humanity

More coming soon…

  • Barbara-Eaton
    "So appreciative of your great coaching and help!! Growing my business by 1212% in less than a year has been a wild, fun rush!!!"
    Barbara Eaton
  • Jay-Greenstein
    "Matt Loop's coaching has been truly remarkable. Since working with Matt we've seen a huge increase in our web presence across multiple platforms, but most importantly tremendous growth in new patients from the web. In 8 months this year, we have already surpassed 2017 totals! Our new patients from the web are on pace to grow FIFTY PERCENT in just one year! In hard numbers that's 420 new clients from the strategies that Matt has taught us. I can't wait to see what's next!"
    Jay Greenstein
  • Sachin Patel
    "I cannot say enough about how Matthew Loop has changed my life but more importantly the thousands of people who now hear my message loud and clear. Matthew provided all the tools, mentorship, and support I needed to help me generate over $1 million dollars in revenue through social media alone. He is kind, generous with his information, and living proof himself. He walks the walk. Thank you!"
    Sachin Patel
  • dan sullivan
    "I came to Matthew with very little technology training or understanding. He essentially held my hand and walked me through every aspect to begin building my online presence. Matthew has helped me with everything from designing a website, utilizing and leveraging social media, creating auto-response email campaigns, and launching products online. His knowledge has literally saved me thousands by knowing who to contact for certain tasks or projects. He's helped turn my business into a successful machine. Just as importantly, he's given me a set of skills and knowledge that can never be taken away. This is a new era. I believe that if you run any sort of business and do not have an expert like Dr. Loop in your corner, you'll quickly be passed up by competitors and lose revenue, opportunities, and influence. I can't thank Matthew enough!"
    Dan Sullivan
  • Alejandro Osuna
    "Matthew Loop's social media knowledge and guidance helped me reach many thousands of people in the last 6 years, allowing me to build one of the largest practices in Latin America. It's easily created an extra 200K+ in new revenue. Then as the business has grown, I hired an external guy to do all the stuff he's recommended."
    Alejandro Osuna
  • nate-berrett
    I have used Matt twice now as a private coach. Worth every penny! In one years time the practice has profited an estimated 100k. Best money we ever spent!
    Nate Berrett
  • Daniel Knowles
    "Matthew has been a huge help to me and always goes above and beyond to make sure my questions are answered. For anyone that wants to establish a strong online presence and make more money, mentoring with Dr. Loop is the way to go."
    Daniel Knowles
  • Jose Guevara
    "Matt’s training has allowed me to reach a large amount of people in my community which has propelled me to think bigger in order to help people around the world through internet marketing. He taught me how to leverage social media strategically to get predictable results without spending hours online wasting my time. With Matt’s guidance, we successfully launched a program that brought in 37K in just two months! In the ever changing world of social media, there’s nobody better to follow and learn from."
    Jose Guevara
  • david-zamikoff
    "I just wanted to take a minute and share with you how the last 12 weeks has changed my business during our weekly calls. But first let me tell you how I got to that point. When I first found you I attended a mastermind weekend seminar and gained some valuable information but was hungry for more. I saw on one of your teaser posts that you had a book coming out that promised nothing would be held back. I bought a copy as soon as I could and immediately read through it in a weeks time. I began implementing what I could, I would say at about a 30-40% effectiveness rating and seeing results immediately. I decided to attend another mastermind seminar with you and go a bit deeper. This definitely took me to the next level and my implementation rates increased. I still felt that I needed a bit more "hand holding" to get me to the next level. That brings me to the 12 week consulting that we just completed. The accountability improved my implementation rates and I could watch my rankings increase weekly. I saw my ratings on Google go from middle of page one to the top and now I am in the "pick three". My Facebook exposure went from nil to daily interaction and productive shares with likes. I went from 10 new patients per week consistently to 40 consistently. I have hired new staff to handle the additional new patients and have left the ad running in anticipation of hiring more. Yesterday morning before noon I saw 45 patients with 5 new ones! One Chiropractor, to answer the the obvious question. I am still doing all of the SEO and Fb marketing myself but getting close to start outsourcing or automating some of it just based on my time constraints. The 12 week program being recorded has allowed me to go back and redo sections when my notes were not sufficient, that is a nice touch. I think that anyone that has gone through the book and either wants some guidance on how to implement what you have learned or take what you know to the next level, the twelve week coaching program is a good choice."
    David Zamikoff

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